The DNA in the Defiance Charger

Check out this infographic that shows that even in the future, the DNA in the Defiance Charger stems from the 370hp power trip we have today.



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Increasing consumer demand for Ram pickup trucks and big SUVs has helped to boost May sales forChrysler. Ram sales were up a total of 24 percent year-over-year for the month of May. In addition, Dodgesales increased by 23 percent in May, with the standout Durango clocking a 24-percent year-over-year improvement (with an updated 2014 model in the wings, incentives are thick on the ground for 2013 inventory). Fiat and Jeep were up only a modest one percent, however, and Chrysler brand sales were down by two percent against last year’s figures.

Chrysler is quite pleased overall with brand performance, saying that this May marks the company’s strongest in the past six years. It was also the 38th consecutive month showing year-over-year sales gains.

Eight of the automaker’s vehicles set sales records for May, as well: Jeep Wrangler and Compass, Dodge Avenger and Challenger, Fiat 500, Chrysler 200 and Ram pickups.



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What’s in a Name? Logos from Past and Present

Badges, scripts, emblems, logos…no matter what you call them, there’s plenty of mystique tied up in a vehicle’s nameplate.

When the Dodge brothers, Horace and John, built their first automobile back in 1914, their final touch was a small enamel badge on the radiator with their company logo: a circle with two interlocking triangles inside, one white and one black, forming a six-pointed star. Old school machinists, the brothers were fiercely proud of their work and the emblem was their badge of honor.

Through nearly 100 years of Dodge history, a series of badges and logos evolved. In 1932, the first Dodge Ram mascot made an appearance. Today that Ram represents Dodge’s sibling brand, RAM Trucks. In 1940 a crest with a knight’s helmet was introduced, growing more stylized each year as the cars became more streamlined and modern.

From 1962 to 1981, the Dodge emblem had a colorful internal label: It was called a fratzog. Three arrow shapes pointed inward to form a three-sided star. Not knowing what else to call the imaginative design, a Dodge stylist made up the whimsical name. Today the Dodge brand is physically represented by the name DODGE spelled out in bold, upper-case block letters, accompanied by two diagonal red stripes, which symbolize speed and agility.

In the swinging sixties, wild model names became all the rage, especially in the muscle car lineups. In 1968, fellow Chrysler brand Plymouth introduced the Road Runner, based on the Saturday morning cartoon character. Dodge followed suit in 1969 with the Super Bee, featuring a caricature of a crazy little bug with racing goggles and a helmet. Popular? They sure were. Decades later, the legend continues with the Super Bee. It’s a hot SRT-prepared Charger with a 392 HEMI® V8 and 470 horsepower. But be careful, you might get stung.



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2013 Dodge Dart gets brace of new special edition models

After almost a year on the market it, it is becoming more clear to Dodge how customers like to option out their Darts, so the automaker has combined popular features into three special edition packages and sweetened the prices. Start with a standard 2013 Dart and add either the SXT or Limited “Special Editions” or Rallye Appearance Group, and you’ll save yourself a lot of box checking.

The $595 Dart SXT Special Edition takes the trim just above the base model and adds a new grille, dark-tinted headlights and projector fog lights, LED racetrack taillights, cruise control and audio controls on the leather-wrapped steering wheel. The Limited Special Edition starts with the top-end model and adds a power sunroof, heated front seats and steering wheel, dual-zone climate control and Nappa leather seats among other features, for $1,810.

The Rallye Appearance Group (pictured) is a package for the SXT, and it blacks out the front fascia, throws on 17-inch wheels and some badging for $395. The new special editions are reaching dealers now and could help the Dart’s sales to further improve after a slow start. You can find out more about them in the press release below.



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When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, is safety at the very top of your checklist? If so, you’ll want to take a close look at the driver assistance features offered on the 2013 Dodge Durango.

Available Forward Collision Warning: Using forward-facing radar sensors, this system detects when the Durango could be approaching another vehicle too rapidly and alerts the driver to take action, avoiding a potential collision.

Available Adaptive Cruise Control: This intelligent system reduces the vehicle’s pre-set cruise speed when closing on another vehicle in the same lane, or when another vehicle pulls into your lane. Using the driver’s pre-set speed, the system constantly maintains a driver-adjustable distance between the Durango and the vehicle in front of it.

Available Blind-spot Monitoring: Using dual ultra-wideband radar sensors, this system aids the driver when changing lanes or passing. The driver is notified of a vehicle(s) in the Durango’s potential blind spots via a driver-selectable chime and illuminated warning indicators on the side view mirror.

Available Rear Cross Path Detection: This detector works when the driver is backing up with an obstructed view. When the vehicle is in reverse, sensors monitor vehicles or objects crossing behind. Available ParkSense Rear Park Assist: Sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles behind the vehicle and alert the driver.

Available ParkView Rear Backup Camera: This rear-mounted video camera with 6.5-inch dash display activates when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Includes the ParkSense rear park assist system.

Obviously, none of this advanced technology, great as it is, can take the place of an attentive, careful, capable driver. These empowering features give you the tools to help you be the best driver you can be. To learn more about the Durango’s crash avoidance technology, see your local Dodge dealer for more details.



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HEMI Orange and Plum Crazy Return

They’re back!

In the swinging ‘60s, Dodge introduced an entire palette of far-out exterior colors for its world-beating muscle car lineup. Known as High Impact Paint (H.I.P. for short), the assortment of groovy hues included Go Mango, Sublime, and Citron Yella. The wild paint schemes helped to make Dodge a style leader of the muscle car era.

Now Dodge has gone back to the vaults and returned with two of its most memorable colors, Plum Crazy and HEMI Orange. Plum Crazy is available exclusively on the 2013 Challenger R/T Classic. Hemi Orange can be ordered on any R/T. Thanks to 21st century paint technology, these colors are even more dazzling and vibrant than they were back in the day—and they’re as durable as any conventional modern finish, too.

Plum Crazy (shown above) returns for a limited time here in March, with ordering available now. HEMI Orange goes live in May, also for a limited production run. Loaded with style, comfort, and performance features including a standard HEMI engine, the Challenger R/T is America’s most affordable V8 muscle car, so visit your local Dodge dealer today.



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The Chrysler Group’s new AWD system is smart enough to know when you need that extra pop of performance in any type of inclement weather.

Whether you are looking for luxury or muscle, the new Chrysler 300 Glacier edition and the new 2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport deliver.

The Chrysler 300 Glacier not only has an ice-cool street presence, it can also carve through some of the most snow-covered landscapes.

The new 2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport flexes its muscle and all-weather capability to power through some of the worst precipitation Mother Nature can dish out.



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