When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, is safety at the very top of your checklist? If so, you’ll want to take a close look at the driver assistance features offered on the 2013 Dodge Durango.

Available Forward Collision Warning: Using forward-facing radar sensors, this system detects when the Durango could be approaching another vehicle too rapidly and alerts the driver to take action, avoiding a potential collision.

Available Adaptive Cruise Control: This intelligent system reduces the vehicle’s pre-set cruise speed when closing on another vehicle in the same lane, or when another vehicle pulls into your lane. Using the driver’s pre-set speed, the system constantly maintains a driver-adjustable distance between the Durango and the vehicle in front of it.

Available Blind-spot Monitoring: Using dual ultra-wideband radar sensors, this system aids the driver when changing lanes or passing. The driver is notified of a vehicle(s) in the Durango’s potential blind spots via a driver-selectable chime and illuminated warning indicators on the side view mirror.

Available Rear Cross Path Detection: This detector works when the driver is backing up with an obstructed view. When the vehicle is in reverse, sensors monitor vehicles or objects crossing behind. Available ParkSense Rear Park Assist: Sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles behind the vehicle and alert the driver.

Available ParkView Rear Backup Camera: This rear-mounted video camera with 6.5-inch dash display activates when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Includes the ParkSense rear park assist system.

Obviously, none of this advanced technology, great as it is, can take the place of an attentive, careful, capable driver. These empowering features give you the tools to help you be the best driver you can be. To learn more about the Durango’s crash avoidance technology, see your local Dodge dealer for more details.

Source: http://blog.dodge.com



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